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After I finished high school in Verona, I graduated with honors as a Fashion Designer at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan.


The IED gave me the opportunity to understand the inner workings of the fashion system and to delve into stylistic research. It was there that I discovered the importance and beauty of the history of costume - an everlasting source of inspiration.

In the rampant fashion capital, I began to feel the desire to distance myself from mass prêt-à-porter, making timeless garments instead: custom-made, with natural and durable materials, not so different from the vintage tailoring creations I used to see and study in museums.

To get closer to a less standardized way of creating than that of Milan, I moved to Paris. In the French capital, thanks to a collaboration with the Créateurs de Montmartre and attending a graduate course on historical cutting and period garments making, I discovered an approach to the garment as a neutral surface, which gives the tailor the opportunity to communicate messages on multiple levels.
Disguising, by creating a character or translating the essence of the customer.

During one summer in Italy I had the opportunity to meet and work with Giuseppe Da Campo, Golden Scissor at the National Academy of Tailors. A tailor of the Sicilian school and a master, he passed on to me the basics of men's tailoring and introduced me to the Roman Academy.

My story

I earned my degrees in men's tailoring with master Mario Meo and in cutting at the Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori. Then, I began working in several Roman tailor shops, and eventually in the historic one of Tommy and Giulio Caraceni, a cornerstone of the Italian tailoring tradition.

I left the capital to return to the north of Italy where my origins are. This led me to Venice to the tailor shop of Franco Puppato, an award-winning tailor. For two years I worked alongside him, treasuring his valuable teachings, until I felt ready to open a space of my own.

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