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La Bellezza è lo splendor del Vero

L'armonia naturale del vestire capi su misura

The Taylor's eye

The secret, according to the English, is not to have a good outfit; it’s to have a good tailor. The idea a tailor carries engraved in their mind is that the client should feel like they are wearing a second layer of skin.

This is what a tailor sees before they even start taking measurements; this is where the importance of trusting a professional eye lies.




If you would like to order your first custom-made garment, please don’t hesitate to write me and
make an appointment. We will take measurements and choose the fabric together.

Fittings and delivery

We will 
arrange a first fitting with a completely basted garment, a second fitting with a semi-finished garment,
followed by the delivery of your completed garment.

Measurement card

For each customer I keep a detailed measurement card that allows me to do two initial fittings for the
first garment and reduce the number of fittings for the following ones.

Customer archive

In my archive I also store samples of the fabrics used for every garment I made in order to be able to
repair all pieces in case they wear out over the years.

My concept of harmony


Stitch by stitch my creations come to life.

The word ‘handcrafted’ sounds true to me, it travels through my hands as I spend hours silently piercing through precious fabrics, stitching the pieces together.

My garments are almost completely handmade, translating my dedication and passion into something tangible.

High quality natural materials

The goal is to create pieces that will last for years. Every garment I create is strictly composed of natural materials of the highest quality. In my tailoring I use hemp, horsehair, 100% cotton for the pockets, buttons in corozo, horn or mother of pearl. The seams are in cotton. The riveting and buttonholes are in pure silk. And before processing them, all the fabrics are wet and therefore do not shrink.

I made the choice to offer mostly samples of the best Italian products, but you will also find English wools and Irish linens. I never use synthetic materials that derive from oil.

Tailor made garments for men and women

In my tailor shop I create jackets, vests, trousers, tuxedos, saharianas, coats, waisted suits, tailcoats, and morning suits for men and women.
I also suggest tailored shirts in silk, cotton and linen, personalized pochettes and knitwear under-jacket.

Building relationships

Anyone who enters my tailor shop will perceive the passion that comes from creating a tailor-made suit. Every choice, every detail, every peculiarity of their garment will be the result of the relationship between me as the tailor and the customer that transforms this moment of creation into an exchange of unique and original ideas.

Made with Lara Perbellini

​Each garment comes to life thanks to your choice to create something tailor-made, proportionate to you, to your needs, to what you carry in your pocket, in tune with your eyes and with your range of movements

Searching for harmony

A line can express harmony. A tailor can translate a person’s outline into harmony and in doing so respond to the client’s unique desires and needs. With my work I strive for harmony and desire to occupy the same physical space.

Each garment is unique

For me, having a tailored suit made is like choosing to have your portrait painted: an image of yourself that feels good every time you wear it. The garments that come from my hands are exclusive pieces: every silhouette is dressed following the unique lines of my clients’ hips and shoulders.

Beauty is the splendor of Truth

​The natural harmony of wearing tailored garments

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